Transport Vooruit

Deltahoek 112
NL - 4511 PA Breskens
Tel: (+31) 117 387000 
Fax: (+31) 117 382622

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1958: Transport Vooruit B.V. is founded by the Oosterbaan brothers. They specialise in the international transport of fresh fish and settle in Breskens.

1973: Transport Vooruit A/S is established in Kruså (Denmark).

1978: Transport Vooruit A/S moves from Kruså to Padborg.

1981: Integration of Transport Service Holger Nielsen A/S in the Oosterbaan Transport Group.

1989: The trans-shipment terminal in Padborg is put into use.

1993: The trans-shipment terminal in Breskens is put into use.

1995: Cooperation with De Koeijer Transport B.V. This cooperation leads to the complete integration of De Koeijer Transport B.V. in the Oosterbaan Transport Group.

1998: Integration of J. Kloos Holland B.V. in the Oosterbaan Transport Group.

2000: Integration of Egon Sørensen Transport A/S in the Oosterbaan Transport Group.

2006: Integration of Van Maanen Koeltransport B.V. in the Oosterbaan Transport Group

At this moment Transport Vooruit, De Koeijer Transport, J. Kloos Holland, Egon Sørensen Transport and Van Maanen Koeltransport make up the Oosterbaan Transport Group.

2009: Takeover shares by Mr. H.C. de Koeijer from Mr. Oosterbaan and the activities continue under the flag of Kotra Logistics. All subsidiaries keep there own identity.

2012: Set-up of a new cross-docking place in Boulogne sur Mer France and continue the basis in Switzerland (Pratteln)

2013: Integration of Hanstholm Godstransport in Hanstholm (DK) within Egon Sørensen Transport and all the activities of Mr. Ole Andersen/Michael Hove & Egon Sørensen Transport are moved into the office at Kai Lindbergs Gade 69, 7730 Hanstholm.

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