Transport Vooruit

Deltahoek 112
NL - 4511 PA Breskens
Tel: (+31) 117 387000 
Fax: (+31) 117 382622

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Both in Breskens as in Padborg we have two completely refrigerated trans-shipment terminals at our disposal. These terminals allow us to unload and load all our trucks without breaking the cold chain. In addition our terminals are used as distribution centres. If you have goods that need to be distributed, our skillful personnel are able to sort out your shipment box by box for all destinations. This orderpicking is recorded punctually, so every single box can be traced.

Furthermore we have the possibility to store fresh as well as frozen goods, both in Breskens and in Padborg. Besides fish we also store frozen vegetables and potatoe products. Our coldstores are equipped with moveable palletracks which enable us to work flexibly and organised, making an optimal use of space.

KOTRA Logistics