Egon Sørensen

Jollegade 1
DK - 7730 Hanstholm
Tel: (+45) 97 96 14 33
Fax: (+45) 97 96 24 04

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Transport Vooruit A/S

Transport Vooruit A/S is based in Padborg and was one of the first companies to build a temperature-controlled terminal especially equipped for fish. In this terminal we unload, sort-out and reload all kinds of fresh and frozen fish, whether it is 30 kilos or 30 pallets. Transport Vooruit A/S also has two warehouses where we can store fresh and frozen goods. The capacity for fresh is 8.000m3, the capacity for frozen is 2.000m3.

The crew of Transport Vooruit A/S –around 30 people in total- takes care of all business of Transport Vooruit B.V. in Scandinavia. We collect and deliver both fresh and frozen goods in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. In addition we run daily services to France, Germany, Benelux, Switzerland, United-Kingdom and Russia. We are also able to take care of all documents required to export goods outside the European Union.

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