Egon Sørensen

Jollegade 1
DK - 7730 Hanstholm
Tel: (+45) 97 96 14 33
Fax: (+45) 97 96 24 04

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Egon Sørensen also has possibilities to temporarily store fresh fish. In the fishing harbour of Hanstholm we have a warehouse where we load, unload and store fresh fish. The temperature-controlled terminal in Padborg (Transport Vooruit A/S) enables us to combine and regroup our loads efficiently. In Spakenburg (Holland) we have an apartment where our Danish drivers can sleep, cook and eat, while our Dutch driver unloads and reloads their truck. As soon as their truck is back in Spakenburg, the Danish drivers go to Urk to load and then they start their trip back to Denmark again, delivering fresh and frozen fish in Germany and Denmark.

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