De Koeijer

Krab 8
NL - 4401 PA Yerseke
Tel: +31 (0)113-571377

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The young fleet of trucks of De Koeijer Transport B.V. consists of around thirty trucks which are equipped with modern means of communication so they can be used as quickly and efficiently as possible. All our trucks and trailers have partitions to separate the fresh from the frozen goods. On top of that the trucks are equipped with temperature recording devices, which monitor the conditions during transport and record it into log-books, which are checked by us every week.

A very important aspect of transporting fresh goods is hygiene and food safety. As from 2001 we work according to the HACCP requirements. Each month the Dutch government verifies that the procedures are followed exactly. A few important precautionary measures guaranteeing food safety are cleaning and disinfecting the trailers after use and checking and registering the temperature of your goods during transport.

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